HomeWho needs a Washington MAST Bartender license?

  • You need a MAST license if you are a bartender or if you sell and serve alcohol or manage alcohol servers at a liquor licensed business that sells alcohol for on-premises consumption
  • You must obtain a MAST Bartender license within 60 days of hire
    • Note: If you are a grocery store employee conducting beer and wine tastings, you are required to have a Class 12 MAST license at the time of the tasting event
  • The training is provided by private entities, such as PSCC, that have been certified by the WSLCB
  • Upon completion of the training and exam, the MAST trainer or provider will issue your MAST permit within 30 days
  •  Licenses are good for five years
  • You must have your license readily available for inspection while at work
Types of MAST Bartender Licenses

Class 12 Mixologist License
PSCC will provide you a Class 12 license if you are 21 or older. A Class 12 license allows you to:
  • Draw alcohol from tap and mix drinks;
  • Perform duties included in the Class 13 permit; and
  • Manage the establishment
  • Conduct beer and wine tastings at a grocery store with a tasting endorsement
  • At least one Class 12 permit holder must be on duty

Class 13 Servers License
PSCC will provide you a Class 13 license if you are 18 to 20 years old. This permit allows you to:
  • Take alcohol orders, and
  • Carry alcohol to the customer and pour it into a customer's glass at the customer's table
  • You may be eligible to upgrade to a Class 12 License once you turn 21. Contact PSCC for more information.

Washington MAST Bartender License Checker
You may check the authenticity of a license by using the MAST Bartender License Checker. Use the following link to use the MAST Bartender License Checker: Click Here

Washington MAST bartender license class 12 and class13